About me

Hi, my name is Sergey!
I'm a graphic designer

I am a graphic designer since 2012. By now, I live in Russia, the city of Saint Petersburg. My clients are companies from Kazakhstan, Russia, The USA, England, Australia, Spain and other countries. In my work, try to establish an interesting idea in an aesthetic design. I supporte a moderate minimalism in design, but I like to experiment and sample something new.

I try to progress without limiting myself to just one direction. I have html language skills and programming experience, which helps me in the development of web-interface design. The favorite direction in the design for me is the development of visual identification of the brand and the development of the logo.

“A good design is a design, that accomplishes the task today and will  accomplish the ask tomorrow.”

My skills

    Full name: Guryanov Sergey
    Age: 25 years old
    Location: The Russian Federation, the city of Saint Petersburg
    Experience in design: 5 years
    Languages: Russian, English (beginner)
    Citizenship: The Republic of Kazakhstan